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Sound. It tells a story. It sets a tone. It creates a dialogue and brings the viewer into a world that allows them to get lost in a visual narrative. When the Toronto film and television industry needs crisp, clean audio in any location they turn to the highly skilled and adaptable knowledge of Taylored Sound Productions.

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The Taylor Behind the Sound

Scott Taylor – the owner and operator of Taylored Sound – is a freelance audio engineer specializing in post production audio for film and television, as well as location sound recording and mixing. After graduating from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART) in 2010, he relocated to Toronto, Ontario, where his company is now based. Originally coming from a music background, Scott understands the importance of sound in every aspect of production and brings this passion into every project he undertakes.

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With numerous Clients across Canada Scott Taylor has established himself as a recognized and trusted name in both Location Sound Recording and Post Production Audio. To see a list of the projects that he has worked with, feel free to view his CV or click a logo below to view actual projects that Taylored Sound has been a proud part of.

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Location Sound Recording

Live and on set, in any condition and every circumstance, your sound needs to be as flawless as possible in order to deliver the highest quality product. The only way to achieve this is by working with a seasoned and diligent professional whose skill and precision with audio have garnered many high level projects with clients across the world. Taylored Sound is not just a play on words, but an accurate description as to how the location audio for your project will be carefully recorded, managed and ‘Taylored’ to your needs.

Post Audio Production

Between the original location recording and the completion of a crisp and balanced sound mix lies the critical area of post audio production. Taylored sound brings an acute sense of rhythm and timing to each project so that sound synchronization and live action are seamlessly interwoven. Whether you desire grand events of dramatic flare or calm moments of subtle whispers, a post audio producer with both technical knowledge and auditory insight is essential to help tell your story the way you have envisioned it.

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Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or visit our IMDB page to see the list of film and television productions that we have been a part of!

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